Ring 2 Wedge Kit: The Perfect Angle for Home Security

Ring 2 Wedge Kit

Ring 2 design limitations

While Ring 2 boasts improvements over its predecessor, some design limitations persist. The fixed viewing angle, while wide, might not capture all activity depending on its mounting position and your property layout. Users seeking complete coverage might require additional cameras or a different model with adjustable viewing angles. Additionally, the Ring 2 relies on a wired power source or a battery for operation. While the battery offers flexibility, frequent recharging might be necessary, depending on usage. Lastly, accessing advanced features like Person Detection requires a Ring Protect subscription, which incurs an additional monthly or annual fee.

Viewing angle problems

Viewing angle problems occur when the image on a screen changes in quality depending on the position from which it's viewed. This is a common issue with certain display technologies, particularly LCDs. Imagine standing directly in front of your TV, the picture looks great, vibrant colors, and sharp details. But, move to the side and suddenly the colors wash out, the contrast fades, and the image loses its clarity. This is a classic example of poor viewing angles at play. It happens because of the way LCDs produce light; they rely on a backlight shining through liquid crystals. As you move off-center, the angle at which the light passes through these crystals changes, leading to color and contrast distortion.

The solution: Ring 2 wedge kit

The Ring Video Doorbell 2 is a popular choice for homeowners looking for a way to increase their home security. However, the Ring 2's standard installation angle might not be suitable for everyone. This is where the Ring 2 wedge kit comes in. This handy accessory allows you to adjust the viewing angle of your Ring 2, ensuring that you can see your entire porch and beyond. This is particularly useful if your front door is set back from the street or if you have a sloped walkway. The wedge kit is easy to install and comes with all the necessary screws and mounting hardware.

How the wedge kit works

A wedge kit is a simple but effective tool designed to help align and level objects. It typically consists of two or more tapered wedges, often made of durable materials like plastic or wood. These wedges have a gradual slope, allowing for precise adjustments.

To use a wedge kit, you insert the thinner end of the wedge into the gap between the object you want to adjust and a supporting surface. As you gently tap or push the wedge further in, the sloping surface lifts the object. By using multiple wedges in tandem, you can achieve precise leveling and alignment. The gradual incline of the wedges ensures controlled and even adjustments, preventing damage to delicate surfaces.

ring 2 wedge kit

Benefits of angled mounting

Angled mounting offers several advantages for various applications. Firstly, it can optimize device orientation for better signal reception, especially in scenarios involving antennas or sensors. By angling the device, you can direct it towards the source of the signal or maximize its exposure to the desired area. Secondly, angled mounting can enhance user comfort and accessibility. For instance, mounting a screen or display at an angle can reduce glare and improve visibility for viewers. Lastly, it can save space and improve aesthetics. Angled mounting allows for creative and efficient use of space, making it suitable for wall-mounted displays, security cameras, or lighting fixtures.

Finally, someone invented a way to make my Ring doorbell actually see my front steps!

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Installation process

Compatibility and availability

This app is designed specifically for iOS and is compatible with iPhones running iOS 10 or later. It's available for download worldwide exclusively through the Apple App Store. While there isn't currently an Android version, the developers have hinted at the possibility in the future, depending on user demand. Keep an eye on their social media for any updates. For now, Android users can explore alternative apps with similar functionalities.

Alternatives to the wedge kit

While a wedge kit is a popular choice for leveling furniture, it has its drawbacks. Luckily, there are several practical alternatives:

Furniture Pads: These adhesive pads come in various thicknesses and materials, offering a simple solution for minor unevenness. They're discreet and won't damage your floors.

Shims: Available in wood, plastic, or metal, shims provide a sturdy and adjustable option. They're ideal for larger gaps and heavier furniture pieces.

Leveling Feet: These screw-in feet are perfect for cabinets and appliances. They offer precise height adjustment and excellent stability.

DIY Solutions: Get creative! Cardboard, plywood scraps, or even coins can work as temporary shims in a pinch. Just ensure the materials are sturdy and level.