Best Car Dealership To Work For

Rev Up Your Career: Best Car Dealerships to Work For

Average dealership salary Average dealership salaries vary greatly depending on the position, location, experience, and dealership size. Sales positions, like salespeople, finance managers, and sales managers, often have commission-based structures, leading to a broad range of potential earnings. Service technicians, mechanics, and parts advisors...

Livingsocialmerchant Center

LivingSocial Merchant Center: Your Business's Ticket to Deal Success

Dashboard overview The dashboard provides a quick overview of your most important data. You can track your progress, see how your campaigns are performing, and identify any areas where you need to make changes. The dashboard is divided into several sections. Each section provides information on a different aspect of your account. The Overview...

Faurecia Highland Park

Faurecia Highland Park Expands Operations

Faurecia Highland Park Overview Faurecia in Highland Park, Michigan, is a key facility for the global automotive supplier. Specializing in interior systems, the plant manufactures and assembles components like dashboards, door panels, and center consoles. The Highland Park location plays a vital role in Faurecia's North American operations,...